Champion Boys

Introducing the NspirD CHAMPION BOYS! We think they are pretty special and a big part of our history! We hope you enjoy your visit with them!

NspirD Champion Boys


MBIS MBISS CH Tuckaway Winged Foot, ROMX CGC

MBISS GCH NspirD Hollywood Legend, CA ROMX, CGC
Dogs Showing from 1990 - 2000
MBIS MBISS CH Tuckaway Winged Foot, ROMX CGC Jack
CH Daisydot Dusty Miller (L) Dusty
CH Daisydot Stone Washed Jeans Levi
CH Odyssey Four On the Floor by Daisydot (L) Tucker
BIS MBISS CH. Daisydot Checkered Flag DeSoto
CH Daisydot Gulliver Travel (L) Rusty
CH Odyssey Four On the Floor by Daisydot (L) Tucker
CH Coachman's CEO Cash
CH Daisydot Boss Cobra Jet Boss
CH Bret D Daisydot Ardent Desire (L) Rudy
Dogs Showing from 2000 - 2009
CH Daisydot Summer In Kokomo, CGC Kipp
CH Trailsides SumRWind by Daisydot Cane
CH Daisydot Summer Tan Lines (L) Copper
CH Daisydot Dalmino Mi Corizon Corey
CH Rancho Daisydot Feel The Charge Brandon
CH Trailside Gotcha Gotcha
CH NspirD N Xanadu High Tide (L) Bosco
CH Rancho Nspird Boogie Board (L Boogie
CH Splash's Snowboarder by Daisydot (L) 'Dude'
MBISS GCH NspirD Hollywood Legend, CA ROMX, CGC Andy
MBIS MBISS Am/Can GCh Paisley NspirD by Broadway, ROM Argus
BISS GCH NspirD Spotsafire It's a Wrap (L) Joey
BISS CH BarNone NsprD Attaboy (L) Morgan
BISS CH Rockledge NspirD Monte Carlo Monte
CH Rockledge’s NspirD Luxor Getty
Dogs Showing from 2010 - Present
BISS GCH Z NspirD Back in Black Gibson
CH Monarch Nspird Roll Z Dice (L) Dice
GCH NspirD Noble Strider,RE Polo
GCH NspirD Masterful Fraja (L) Marcus
CH NspirD Knight of Canterbury, CA Chaucer
GCH NspirD By M V Me Bad Bad Leroy Brown (L) Chocolate
BISS GCH NspirD Be-Bop A Lula, RN, TD, MX, MXJ, OF, T2B, CAX Vinnie
GCH NspirD Holiday With Smilin Dal Jack Whyte
CH NspirD Heat of The Moment Blaze
CH NspirD Exclusively Armani (L) Armani
GCH NspirD Show Off Troy
CH NspirD Toasting The Holiday Bailey
CH NspirD Shamrock N NspirD Inherit The Wind Kobe
CH NspirD SpotsAFire No Worries Mate! Justin
CH. NspirD SpotsAFire Unscripted (L) Ike
CH. NspirD Carrying On The Legend (L) Donny
CH NspirD's Bayside I Scream Special Scoop
CH NspirD With A Cherry On Top (L) Topper

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Ch Jack
Ch Cane
Ch Andy
Ch Copper
Ch Tucker
Ch Dude
Ch Boss
Ch Rudy

Ch DeSoto
Ch Corey  
Ch Levi 
Ch Rusty
Ch Dusty
Ch Kipp  
Ch Brandon

Ch Boogie
Ch Bosco
Ch Argus
Ch Joey
Ch Morgan
Ch Dice
Ch Getty
Ch Polo
Ch Marcus
Ch Olive
Ch Koko
Ch Belle
Ch Siren
Ch Tootsie
Ch Derby
Ch Dixie
Ch Olivia

Ch Becky
Ch Electra

Ch Ivy
Ch Patsy
Ch Abby
Ch Elle
Ch KitKat
Ch Gabby
Ch Nikki
Ch Mia
Ch Suzi
Ch Holly
Ch Chocolat
Ch Bella
Ch Patty
Ch Chloe
Ch Cerce


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